How should I act if my crush posts pictures and videos of riding bike with other guys?

So my crush who I've been friends with for the past few years (5) recently posted a video of her riding with a guy in rains back home after a late night college party. She wrote-'where will I get such a concerned friend.. Really enjoyed the rain and ride'.. So to that I was really hurt, and I kind of like asked her where did you go and how was the party and stuff but it became a little weird. Then I said I was glad she had fun to which she said- "yea.. It was fine"

Was it weird on my part to ask something like that. Or should I try to do little more of it to show her that I am actually feeling bad seeing her with someone else?


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  • Have you asked her out or tried to romance her at any point? If so she knows you like her but she doesn't like you that way. My advice move on. Most people can see obvious signs that someone likes them (especially how guys show their attraction towards a girl). But remain friends if you want but you'll probably be jealous/hurt anytime you see her with another dude. Pretty much been there done that. Don't befriend girls you're attracted to you. You will fall into the whole friendzone thing. Just be upfront about what you want from someone and you will probably feel better about the relationship with them. Cause whatever you're doing now will just increase the weirdness/awkwardness.


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