Advice please!! Should I be with my ex or my current boyfriend?

This has happened many times already where I had this problem of choosing my current boyfriend or my ex because somehow I still have a lot of feeling for my ex sometimes there strong other times there not this time was very strong because me and my ex are still friends and I invited him to the beach for a week with my boyfriend and our mutual friends and I had a ton of fun with him a realized what I missed, problem is my parents are okay with my current boyfriend my parents hate my ex and his parents hate me but if he was to talk to his they would accept me. My parents on the other hand no, my parents are okay with my current boyfriend also another problem is my ex just lost his job and his having problems getting another, and with my current I feel he’s too clingy and acts so childish and so Irresponsible sometimes I have talked to him about this and he says he will change and he does for a bit then goes back to the same, I love both of them a lot. I don’t know what to do someone please help!


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  • Avoid the sec

    • Avoid the second person!
      Yeah be with a single person, never leave him/her, no matter what happens. We have to make adjustments with our partner and he also has to do the same
      Both the people adjust in a relationship, understand each other and improve their behaviour and the biggest thing they try to understand each other, persuade each other. Communication​ is the key within each relationship.

      Sexual relationships matter too. If you had sex with your first love but not your current boyfriend, you should go with the person you had sex with, only if you have feelings for him
      If you had sex with both/neither of them them consider both of them equally.
      I would like to​ be with my first love forever.

      Love is a decision. You just make decisions about "who should I perform acts of love with?"
      I decide to perform acts of love only and only for person who will marry me , so I don't want to make a girlfriend. I will directly marry someone and get settled and then perform acts of love only for her

    • But ask your ex if he wants you and would accept you and be with you forever and would not leave you alone before breaking relationship with your current boyfriend

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  • Well first forget whether your parents like him, he's ur boyfriend or ex that's up to you,(no offence to ur parents!) But if you do still have strong feelings for your ex maybe you should not go out with either of them, to clear your head and then see what you think


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  • You owe it to your current boyfriend to work on what is bothering you with him- make it clear what he Needs to do differently and that it is very important to the relationship.

    • It's extremely difficult to get back together with an ex and for things to be the same as they were before.

    • My ex was my first Real love

    • I can't advise you to Dump your current guy to get back with him. I just think that would be unfair.

  • u got feelings for ex but u are with another dude
    girl u got come problems with ur brain cells , fix yourself up before destroying others people brains

    • That was uncalled for you don’t need to be rude, stuff like this happens sometimes. If you had nothing nice to say why bother giving your opinion in the first place?

  • I feel bad for your current. This is why an ex should stay an ex and all contact is cut.

    • My ex was my first love

    • *real love

    • So? You shouldn’t have gotten into a new relationship if you weren’t over your first.

  • Parents tend to be right with they view your boyfriends/girlfriends, so I'd listen to them. And I feel bad doe your current boyfriend, it maybe best to break up with him to sort out your feelings, or just take a break.

    Another way to look at it is to view love as it's own organism, and with you guys that organism has died. Have you ever known something to have died and co. e back better than it was before? The answer is no. It is okay to want what you had before, but you won't find it with the same person as that relationship and part of your life is over.

  • If you plan to get a boyfriend after a breakup, only date someone that you like enough not to be thinking about the latest one.

  • If current one keeps going back to old ways, always Will. So if that is a deal breaker better to lose him now

  • What the fuck

  • up to you


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