I’m not attracted to the only females I can get?

The most attractive girls I can get are around average, and if the stars align and she happens to be intellectual with a good personality, I’ll have very high interest. As we advance in the relationship, my sexual interest progressively diminishes and I start compulsively seeking other more attractive girls sexually. This is terrible because it’s such a daunting, abrupt feeling I get when I’m already at an advanced stage in a relationship. This leads into an endless cycle of starting relationships that end badly because of this sudden feeling of detachment I get

I don’t think I can get a beautiful looking girl, and for long-term relationships, looks aren’t as much of a priority, but as someone with high sex drive, when I get “excited”, it basically makes me do dumb shit I wouldn’t do normally

Trying to get a more attractive girl would be a pain in the ass, because she would be out of my league and the competition for her would be high


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