How can noob find someone?

I am 19, never had any dating or relationship experience. Shy and not confident, but once i open my self i can give a lot 🙂 problem is that i can't even reach that opening part.
I can't even approach someone... I know there are thousands of questions like these, but can i get some advices, anything? Some will say that 19 is not end of the world, but i know that for 10 years it will be the same if i somehow dont do something 😒


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  • Have you even found someone you're highly comfortable with? Cuz You can't force stuff like these

    • Not really. Im not really social, i dont want to be boring or something... So its really hard to find someone that im comfortable with. Im not even comfortable with some friends that i know 10+ years, and not some random girls or something...

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