Trying to insert my self into this guys life but its kinda hard?

There's a guy at my university that I think is pretty cute. He's on the football team. My roommate knows him, because her boyfriend is on the team too but her boyfriend and her aren't even sure if they're in a relationship anymore and there's a back to school party tonight, which was where I was meant to be introduced to him but not its awkward because of my roommates situation. He doesn't know me, and hasn't seen me on campus yet so I can't just DM him or whatever because I may get ignored, plus what do I even say lol? I don't really know how to shoot my friendship shot here (and maybe one day we vibe from there). How do I befriend him with no access? And without coming off thirsty? I tried to follow him on social media, and he didn't follow back which is a bit discouraging lol. With my ex we followed each other first, so it was easy for us to have blossomed into more


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  • Not sure but if he didn't follow back it's possible he ain't intrested

    • I suppose. I didn't have any selfies on my twitter so he doesn't know who I am anyway. My account is new, I have only 200 followers rn

    • It's possible

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