Would you date someone who talked non-stop?

I was hiking yesterday and passed a couple attractive girls in their early-mid 20's. As I approached I noticed one was dominating their conversation, pretty much continuously jabbering. I passed them as I was trying to keep an aerobic pace, and could hear her continue to talk. Farther along the trail became a series of switchbacks, so I could hear the endless stream intermittently as I walked. I reached the top about 10 minutes before they did, and when they arrived they sat down near where I was and the one girl never let up. After resting I headed down, and they followed shortly after. Again on the switchbacks she continued her near-monologue.

It bought to mind a girl I dated some years back, with whom my favorite thing was getting oral sex from her because at least it shut her up for a while. How would you handle this?


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  • probably not. i mean if she somehow manages to keep me interested in listening, i guess i would but if it's annoying, i'll pass.


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