Worst and best date?

So, what was the best or worst experience on some of your dates?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Worse date ever was with this woman who wouldn't let me go at the end of the date.
    She also didn't look like her profile picture
    witch I think is the worst kind of lie


What Girls Said 1

  • Haven't been on a good date before, but my bad date story is really bad, haha. So, it was my birthday and this guy that I had hung out with a few weeks earlier with some of my friends had asked me if I would go on a movie date with him for my birthday. When I saw him, he and I sat on a bench and he handed me a cake (Not a slice, a whole cake) and told me that his mom bought it for me, and then he handed me a box of soap that he told me he took from his mom's closet. He also gave me a card that said her loved me and he was happy that I was so loyal (but I had only hung out with him once before and we didn't talk much). After we ate some of the cake he kissed me, and it was probably the worst kiss I have ever experienced as well. He opened his mouth as wide as he could and tried to stick his tongue in my mouth. After that, I wanted to leave but figured I would just go see the movie because I wouldn't have to talk to him in the theater anyways so we walked over to the theater and went up to buy the tickets, and then he tells me that he didn't bring any money so I had to pay for our tickets. Once the movie started, he kept trying to kiss me and I would say no, and so I guess he thought it would be a good idea to grope my breasts and try to put his hands down my pants instead. I kept moving his hands and telling him no, and he got the idea eventually. After the movie was over I walked him over to the train station because I was getting picked up from there anyways. It was pretty late by then, and there were some sketchy people there that were looking at me and making me super uncomfortable. I guess they also made him uncomfortable because right when we got there he said bye really fast and ran into the train station (not paying for a ticket), leaving me there alone with the creepy men. One of them approached me and said I was sexy (I was 16, he looked around 46) so I told him to leave me alone because I was 16, and he said damn and asked me for my number. I walked away from the train station and waited for my ride alone while men stared at me and cat called me. I think it is fair to say that was the worst birthday ever.


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