Does the no contact rule work with men?

This guy and I had a thing going for two months. Recently we got into a nasty fight. He is very emotional in general... doesn’t always think clearly. Well we got into a fight because I told him I wanted to be done with him then I came back the next day wanting him back and was saying sorry.
He flipped out on me. Accused me of being psycho, clingy, stalker, etc. wanted to get an order against me (keep in mind I only sent messages on ONE day, the day after I cut him off)
as you know, I’m not any of those things... I was literally just trying to talk to him.
Well he claims he is done with me and I hurt him too much.
Well he has blocked me before and came back. He claimed he was done prior to this and when I saw him in person he apologized and was really sorry.
I don't know... do you think he’ll miss me?
i was like will you even miss me and he said I don't know, maybe. YOU won't LEAVE.

so I don't know. I basically begged. He is pissed. It’s already been a few days.
do you think with time apart he’ll miss me and realize he snapped and made a mistake. I’m literally none of those things.


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