Lonely or not in love worse?

So I've been single 2 years, we all know that sucks, but my ex wants back together, we got along great but we broke up because i had ZERO physical attraction to her. So should i get back with her to get rid of being lonely? We had a very comfortable relationship, but again the physical aspect was non-existant for passion. Otherwise she was like a best friend. Should i just settle for a comfortable relationship?
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What Girls Said 1

  • No, you shouldn't use her just to make yourself feel better.


What Guys Said 2

  • You are very young to be compromising for a commitment that, if you are serious, should be a lifelong commitment.

  • ''So should i get back with her to get rid of being lonely?''

    Loneliness cannot be solved by anything, or anyone external to the person. Only from within (relationship with self beyond thoughts) can it be 'solved'. Getting back with that ex will simply provide a distraction for the loneliness until once again, you are faced with the problem that never left.

    Most people are busy using external vices to avoid dealing with internal challenges.


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