You're canceling dates left and right? Guys seriously, what goes through your minds?

Lets say you were in this situation:

You met a girl at a party and you asked for her number. For weeks after that you constantly call her and text her for hours at a time. Keep in mind that you are the one initiating these conversations. So obviously you want to talk to her. You ask her out on a date, the date goes well, you ask her out on a second date before the night is over.

Between the first and second date, you guys are constantly in communication. But on the day of the second date, you cancel last minute. You don't offer to reschedule, just saying you had work to do.

A few days later, you ask the girl out again. And again you cancel on her last minute, postponing the second date.

Then you ask her out yet again and not surprisingly, cancel again.

But even while you're canceling dates left and right, you still talk to her.



What's the point of asking someone out if you have no intention of actually going out with her?

Do you just want to be friends? Even friends hang out...


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  • have you considered the possibility that he had emergencies?

    • all in a roll on the same exact day of our date? that's a bit too much of a coincidence for me

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  • First of all, I would never repeatedly text/call a girl. I know that reeks of stalking, creepy, and excessively horny, which most girls despise. And if I did, was because I was drunk and lusting. That's about it. My sensibilities were shot out the window.

  • they could be many reasons

    maybe he got tired that you are not initiating anything, be it a text or call, heck even a date, you always waiting for him , so he got tired

    maybe he found something he didn't like about you,

    maybe he has a busy life, I remember I had a date with a girl, went to get ready to go, I find my car tolled, so I had to cancel it

    but most important ask him, if he doesn't answer his not worth you time


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  • why don't you ask him

    • easier said than done

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    • in your case, you're not going to find the answer here. there could be a million reasons why he could be doing this.

      the only way you're going to find the answer is through him...

      just trying to save you some time.

    • i know :(

      just trying to brain storm some ideas