Why are girls terrible at showing they like you?

I was walking with a girl who is a friend of a friend after the club and we were just talking normaly but when we sat down to take a break she kissed me out of nowhere. And it was so confusing since she's a 9/10 and im like a 4/10 and she wasn't drunk too. I had no idea she was even interested in me


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  • You’re more than a 4! And believe it or not, girls are actually attracted to a personality beyond just looks.

    • Yeah but im almost 23 and this is the first time this has happend. I got rejected by like 100 girls that night in the club i know girls dont like me so why would this 9/10 like me? it makes zero sense and i can't make sense of it

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    • Yeah really weird maybe she was insane

    • Lmao. Dude. Chill.

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  • Don't question it just accept it.


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