How long should you wait for a someone who's broken to open up to you and let you in there life?


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  • wait as long as you can, but you have to tell them what you expect, (eg, that you want them to open up to you eventually)

    • I will only wait 3 years... i want a family and kids. Im 27 now and have never had any kids or even a real relationships. I'll give up altogether on longterm relationships by the time I'm 35ish. Be to old to watch kids grow and have a family of there own be then

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    • i dunno... but i guess it depends on the person... i suggest you talk to her about this

    • So i tried talking to her and told her i didn't want her to feel pressured by me or anything if she keeps talking to me. She say she was just going with the flow. I told her that I'd be willing to go with the flow for 3 years and she says ""yeah :)!! Ill talk to you more tomorrow cya""

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