My career fireman 53 will friend other women on facebook and IM them saying they are either other firefighters, girlfriends of firemen, paramedics?

but says all these girls have a connection to him through work. He will IM on Facebook but when I get on to IM he will not talk with me unless I say something to him. He has put in a relationship with me on Facebook, his fellow coworkers know he sees me, I have met his family and friends, he walks around introducing me as his girlfriend so he does not hide the fact that we are together. I just dont understand why he keeps adding more women on facebook, tells other women they are beautiful on facebook, only wants to see me a few times a week he says he wants to take it slow. I walked out on him the first time as i only saw him once every two weeks. After I left him he came back 2 months later begging me to take him back saying he would be a better boyfriend and see me more. Here we are. Is he cheating? What shall I do?


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  • If he isn't giving you what you expect from a boyfriend even after giving him a second chance, I don't see a reason to stay with him. His Actions on Facebook Show a guy who isn't committed to you and the relationship and may be thinking ahead.


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