Question for someone Hindi conversant: friend’s girlfriend calls him Motu, should he be concerned?

A friend of mine is dating for an Indian girl who has decided to call him Motu as a pet name. He recently figured out what it meant and was wondering if he should be concerned. My position on this subject is that if you care about each other and enjoy each other’s company it should not matter. I’m not sure he shares that position as he seems a bit concerned (as far as we can tell, it means “fat man”). What do you think, don’t worry as I say, or worry as he believes?
  • Haha, yes, the big man should be!
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  • Maybe yes, maybe no. It depends upon the person and what they like.
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  • No, as long as they care for each other, theh could call each other fuggly and still have a loving relationship.
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  • Whaaaaat?
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  • I should preface this by saying that I know very little about Hindu or Indian culture, but I believe being fat is a good thing over there.

    For example, in the Philippines being fat is looked at as a sign that your wife is a good cook.


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