The Tinder Games - What are your thoughts?

So, in the last couple of days a video went viral of Natasha Aponte, model, having organised an event where she tricked unsuspecting men into a group-Tinder date.

According to the creators, Rob Bliss and Natasha herself, the event was to showcase the prejudicial nature of online dating.

A large portion of men, after being confronted with the nature of this "date" immediately left, but many of them stayed. These men willingly took place in a sort of Battle Royale, whereby Natasha sorted them out based on her own parameters - height, style, name, etc...

At the end of the event, she eventually chose a date for herself. According to her, sadly there was no chemistry.

You can see the video below.

My question is:


Most Helpful Girl

  • This is so funny and crazy XD
    I'm sure we'll have a reversed version of this soon.

    I think she was trying to show that dating app like tinder based only on looks are stupid.

    • Don't you think it is evil to do such a thing?

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    • Well, imagine you hook up with this hot guy. You dress up nice, you ready yourself for a fine date with him, at a concert no less, so you two will probably have a great time... then not only does it turn out to be a farce, a trap for you, but they want to humiliate you and fellow women, jump you around like obedient little puppy dogs, and shame you for having high standards.

      I'd call that evil. Whoever came up with this had megalomaniac and sadistic tendencies, and enjoys people being in distress. And call me crazy, but I think it is fucked up.

    • It sound harmless fun to me. If you think it's humiliating it's cause you have too much pride.
      I would just feel a bit dumb and laugh thinking "What's this crazy idea" XD

Most Helpful Guy

  • I think if people are notified beforehand then its fine. I guess its just an in-person version of what Tinder is used for anyway.

    • But they weren't notified beforehand. They were set up for a date that never happened.

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  • I think any man who actually stayed was stupid. Those that left straight away deserve a round of applause.


What Guys Said 3

  • I wouldn't be interested in her afterwards since it's a very unfair thing to do, but i'd take part because the activities seem fun enough

  • Lmao that chick is barely hot. Her standing on the pedestal is the literal definition of “putting the pussy on a pedestal”.

  • That’s wrong


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