Boyfriend wants to move in together eventually?

My boyfriend just graduated from college. He is 25 and just started his job a few months ago. He is planning to get his own apartment soon.

I am still in college. But, i am also 4 years younger than him. We have been dating for 8 months. And, not only has he become someone i care for so deeply on a romantic level, but he is also my best friend! He is everything I have ever dreamed of having in a boyfriend, and I’m so glad i met him.

But, when he mentioned to me he wanted to move in together, once I settled in a career, i got a little scared. He told me he was worried he would scare me away by mentioning it. But, he also wanted to know what i thought.

A part of me doesn’t truly want to settle down like that with someone right now. I am 100% committed to him, and think of marrying him. But, I am also so young, and being cheated on in my last relationship kind of makes me not want to commit that much to someone.

I don’t really plan on getting married until I’m 25-30.
My boyfriend said he will wait for me. I know he really wants to be with me. But, I think i am just afraid of that commitment right now.


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  • You seem to have it figured out. To hold something another guy did against your boyfriend is a little unfair. However you have more than one reason so it's whatever I guess. Just do what you're doing and see what happens.

    • I just feel a little uncomfortable. I think, because I am young and I’m not sure if I want to be tied down to one person for forever right now.

    • You did say you're 100% committed so what's the difference.

    • I think you're over thinking things. If you dont want to move in don't. It's really that simple. Just take things at your own pace and don't focus on the big picture quite yet. 8 months isn't that long. Besides I can say this if you do move in together and doesn't work out you're homeless. That's what happened to my ex.😀

  • He is not pushing you. He knows you can't until you get through school, putting your interests first, and that is fine with him.

    What he is doing is making plans for himself and wants to know whether you think you are part of it. Where this impacts you is where you decide to live after you graduate.

    He didn't ask you to marry him right now, which is also a good sign that he is thinking maturely.

    Have an honest discussion about where you think the relationship can go. You are not committing to it, but you are working together to be going down the same path.

    Be glad to have a guy who thinks like a man.


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