I'm crying because of my ex. How do I tell my now boyfriend who is trying to comfort me?

Just to jump right into it for the past 4 hours I've been crying and upset due to the fact my ex came back into my life confusing things for me. I've been dating my now boyfriend for 11 months. But I've been broking up from my ex for almost 2 years. . Earlier this week my ex said he need to talk to me and apologize for some things. Me being an understanding person I said ok and agreed to talk with him. Which was today. I though he was just gonna say sorry for some things and that would be it. But it was more than that he said he loved me and wanted to be with me again and couldn't live with out me. When he said he loved me it broke my heart because after we broke up I was still very much in love with him and was Willing to do anything for him. I was dumb enough to still have sex with him knowing it would never lead us back into a relationship which destroyed me mentally as a person. And while still fooling around with me ex I got pregnant and had a miscarriage. What's sad I though he was gonna care after that but he didn't. All he said to me was it was ment to be. After my miscarriage I mad the decision to stop messing with him. But now he pops back into my life saying he loves me while I'm with this new guy who I have very strong feeling for. It's messing with me head and I just can't stop crying. I'm laying with my boyfriend now who just won't let go of me because he hates to see me cry. He keeps asking what's wrong but I don't have the heart to tell him I'm crying over another guy I feel like an awful person. Should I even tell him what's wrong...

And no I'm not gonna get back with me ex it's just hurts so much that I spent months after we broke up trying to convince him he loved me trying to get him to care for me. I wanted him to love me like I loved him and while me doing this he just used it to his advantage. What's wrong with me


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  • Stop communicating with your ex. And if he keeps coming up you should know already its only for sex.
    You might have to tell your current boyfriend this

  • Tell your man. He will understand.


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