How do you know when your boyfriend or girlfriend still has a emotional connection with their ex?

How do you know when they’re emotionally cheating with their ex? What signs do you look for?


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  • Unusually absorbed with the activities and whereabouts of an ex. By unusually, it does not have to be out of the ordinary for the average male, but out of the ordinary for them.

    • Since my bestfriebd and her ex broke up, she has attempted to lose contact with him from social media. Each time she feels she has moved on, talking to more people, going out, he’ll readd her on Facebook, Instagram, any social media that he notices she isn’t friends with him on. Recently he wished her a happy birthday on Facebook and when his birthday came around last December, he jokingly got mad and said they were gonna fight because she didn’t wish him a happy birthday. He’ll randomly like a picture she posted on Instagram from two or three days ago as well and he has a girlfriend.

    • This would be classified as unusual behavior for an average male, but is this unusual for him?

  • Innaproprit conversations or sending of pics


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