Why is it so difficult to meet someone supportive?

I used to be an introvert. I didn't care about making friends or someone to spend time with. I became too comfortable with my own solitude that i began making myself happy. I began traveling, new jobs, i did so much alone. But i knew i wanted to have a companion beside me. Someone who shared the same interests and showed appreciation for the little things.

When i met her, everything was perfect. It was a simple introduction and we went on about our ways. We began spending time together, it became so frequent that i got used to having her beside me. So it was like that every day. Id pick her up and we would go out together.

We began living together and i thought it was a dream come true. Eventually she began neglecting my emotions. If i felt sad and wanted a shoulder to lean on, she would just turn her back and leave me to be. I began talking to old friends, those who i could talk to about my emotions. When she found out about this, she accused me of cheating. I tried explaining to her that talking about how i felt with someone was not the same as me coming into physical contact with another woman. Its been one year since the incident and til this very moment, i cannot do anything without her accusing me of cheating. If i do overtime at work, im cheating. If i take long at the DMV, im cheating. If i have to go out throughout the day to resolve some issue, im cheating.

I hate it because im a very emotional guy (though i wish i wasnt). She goes completely cold ignoring me for hours despite my requests to please talk to me, she goes her own way throughout the day and at most times will not bother answering me if i call or text.

Once this anger is over, she begins talking to me about how much she loves me, how she wants babys with me but its my fault because of the things i do. But then i look at myself and look for what i do wrong and its nothing! When she is calm, she mentions marriage and how she wants to settle down with me but it scares me to think of my future.


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  • If u settle simply put you are stupid as this relationship is toxic


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