How would you create a great date with an introvert girl?

We just went on our second date and I feel like there are a lot of times where both of us didn't talk. We went to a restaurant and took a lunch. The sexual tension between us is also quite weak. Is it because we are both first time dating and we aren't familiar with these things, or there isn't any chemistry between us? How can I make her more comfortable and create better atmosphere?

P. S. We were classmates and we liked together so we started dating 2 months ago.


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  • What sorts of Things do you each like to do? How About an activity like roller/ice Skating or Bowling? Visiting the zoo?

    • Asked her to go bowling, but she tried and didn't like it. But I would try asking her on other activities after your advice. Thanks!

    • Yeah, try something where you're doing something active which provides the entertainment

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