Friends with both my ex and HIS ex?

So, my ex and I were together for three years. After me, he started dating another girl. They broke up and after that my ex and I became friends.

The thing is, this girl lives in the town where I live and everybody knows everybody here. So, I start seeing this new guy and he takes me into the bar where she works—literally just a few blocks from both our houses.

At first I didn’t recognize her but she got to talking and I figured out who she was. Because I’m crazy, I kept going back to this bar and got to be really popular and made a lot of friends there...

... the girl included. I have no idea if she knows who I am, but we’ve gotten to talking a lot and now we’re going out for drinks tonight.

The problem is, I’m living in a powder keg. I haven’t really done anything wrong, but I value both friendships now and want to find a way to let both sides know without things exploding.

How the hell do I handle this?


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  • Go to the zoo before going to the bar. You should all get acquainted first before drinking.


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