Girls, should I dye my beard blonde for my date since my hair color is that or keep my beard as red?

  • No, keep it red and it's her loss if she sees it as mismatching colors
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  • No, red beard and blonde hair give me a super mustard and ketchup look of hotness
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  • Yes, the colors must match because it gives signs of aging too quickly
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What Girls Said 2

  • Eww u mean like fire engine red or ginger red? If it's ginger red keep it like that. Make sure it matches ur head hair

  • If she can't except you for you colour hair and beard as well it is her loss not yours

    • That's how I see it. However, I asked this because many of my male friends don't and I wanted female opinions as women generally know better with judging men as men judging men on looks makes me feel awkward. Know what I mean?

    • I know what you been. Don't change for no one

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