The woman I’m seeing wants to come to my house and cook me dinner, should I expect sex?

We’ve been on four dates, I made her dinner at my house this past weekend. We were making plans to go out this Saturday, and she randomly asks if she can come make me dinner.


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  • I don't think it's necessarily guaranteed, but I'd certainly be prepared for it. It's possible that she just want to do for you what you did for her last weekend (cook), but if she's requesting to stay in rather than go out, I think there's a good chance that your dessert might not only be served at the kitchen table.

    If she shows up with more than her purse and the food ingredients (like for example an overnight bag, a toothbrush, extra clothes or breakfast food), then I think it's pretty certain that you won't be sleeping alone that night.

    It's probably better to wait for clues from her that night though before trying to undress her.

    • Good insight. Thanks. I’m not expecting us to sleep together, we briefly talked about it earlier on and said once we are both ready we will.

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    • OK, it sounds like you two are doing really well at getting to know each other and bonding and if you've talked a bit about sexual interests too then if Saturday night turns out to be the night you already know a little bit about what she'd like you to do. And if not, you get a good dinner (assuming she's a decent cook) and more talking/bonding time. Either way I hope you have a fun night!

      Hopefully she'll make it fairly easy to figure out what she's thinking regarding sex that night but if not maybe you can bring up the subject like you just want to expand a bit more on what you've already talked about regarding sex and hopefully get some clues from what she says or does during that discussion?

      If not, my guess is that the relationship is strong enough now that even if you make a move and she's not ready and says she wants to wait longer it won't be a problem - just an opportunity to show that you listen to her and respect her feelings on things even if you feel differently.

    • So how was the date and how was the dinner she made?

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  • Yes, she wants to smash for dessert.

    • What makes you say yes?

    • Cause she's asking to go to your place to make you dinner. she's interested in you. If you can sense the chemistry and the timing is perfect, then you will end having sexual intercourse.

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