Is this normal?

ok so i have a very distant personality. I don’t get attached to anyone. I’m a very hurt person due to plenty of things that happened to me and it’s created a monster. I could never feel myself attaching to men. I started talking to this guy online 3 years ago... we’ve been on and off. I’ve slept with other people while we were off. I’ve never had an org**m from a guy. Ever. i was raped when i was young. So sex had pretty much been a no strings attached no feelings thing. Well, the guy of 3 years came to visit me. Him and i were already very close. I connected to him in a way I’ve never connected to another soul “not just man” before. we had sex for the first time. and i reached or**sm. Never in my life has that happened and I’ve been with a few people. Now he’s all i can think about and my emotions feel weird. Is that lust? We were attached before but i feel so much more connected


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  • It may be love or lust but there's definitely something at play and it's perfectly normal. I'm glad you met someone you could get attached to.


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