Advice needed long distance relationship?

So me and my girl we’ve been together for almost 9 month she was with me for 6 months then she moved to london for studies, she came back to her home country for few days, she faced some issues here and she saying she won’t ever come back again to her home country she says that i should move with her to london, and i dont wanna move to london but i dont wanna lose her aswell, is this the beginning of a breakup?


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  • I would take it day by day. Relationships are about give and take. See where it goes, you guys don’t have to end up in London. Maybe pick a place and move there, somewhere where you both want to be. Make it an end goal something to work towards. In the meantime visit as much as possible, talk, text, FaceTime. Be strong, it’s hard but it’s not permanent.


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