Girls, Do you all get approached often/asked out by guys without really trying?

To put it simply, do you get a lot of attention from guys? A long list of suitors huh?
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What Girls Said 3

  • I get hit on more when i'm in a good mood and when i'm actively "trying." I'm not pretty enough that I can just sit at a barstool and a guy will come up to me. I have to lure him in with some eye contact indicating "its okay to come talk to me" or a funny line from my friends, or because I say hi to them first (in group settings). So yeah. If i want, I know how to make "opportunities to be hit on" but I have to put the effort in.

  • Lol, no. But my best friend does. She gets hit on every single time we go out. She's not that pretty but she has a really good body and nice/expensive cloths.

  • No. I'm average looking but their are only few who ever dared to approach me. I think in my lifetime only 3 people had the courage to ask me out directly.


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