What should I do?

My boyfriend left for college last week and today i found out im pregnant. I dont want to tell him , he is going to Pennsylvania for college and that was his dream school and waited years to attend and finally got accepted. I will be going to a local college and when i get bigger ill do classes online.

I dont want him to ruin his scholarships by trying to come home and help me, when im only 54 days pregnant already. Since he was moving away we broke up.
Im about 3 months pregnant or 8 weeks


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  • Tell him, it's his child too. Even if he doesn't come back to help with the kid he deserves to know. Or if he stays In college still he'll be able to help you.


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  • You need to let your boyfriend know your pregnant ASAP! Its not just you and baby, but also you didn't make baby on your own. But its up to both of you to figure out how you both want to resolve this issue. But the main thing is you need to let him know, that he is going to be a daddy, that is one big favore you'll do for him. Good luck in what you both do. And congratulations!! Having a baby is awesome !!!


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  • You should at least tell him. Then let him decide what he wants to do from there.


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