Should I delete my manager off of Facebook?

I just recently noticed that I have my manager on Facebook. He BARELY became my manager. He’s only been working at my store for about 2 months but I’ve had him as a friend on Facebook for a year.

These are the only interactions we’ve had on Facebook:
I also saw that he messaged me a year ago. My sister had gotten in a car accident and I posted about it to see if anyone had any info and he messaged me saying “idk you but I hope your sister is feeling better and I hope you’re doing good” I just replied thanks and that’s it. Then a month later he sent me a “wave” on Facebook. And I ignored it. This was all a year ago. He also liked a photo I posted of myself (also a year ago) although I don’t really post much at all.

So we were friends before we became coworkers. But now I feel weird. Do you think he’ll notice if I unfriend him?


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What Guys Said 2

  • i don’t think that it’s a major issue; when someone likes your facebook posts and whatnot.

    but if you feel uncomfortable, talk to him about it, and i’m sure he’ll stop. if he doesn’t, that should be a red flag for you and that should be the moment where you unfriend him

  • He’ll fire you.

    • Nah. Only our store manager can fire people. He’s just a shift manager

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    • Okay slut.

    • Don’t embarrass yourself. 😂

What Girls Said 1

  • I'd keep him as a friend. It might seem weird if you unfriend him. If you've been friends for so long then it's not a big deal


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