Why did she blow me off,?

I became good friends with this girl I worked with last year. We got very close, but she unfortunately had a boyfriend and a very young son.
We kept in light contact until recently, we started talking more and more. She started to flirt openly with me, and I noticed she deleted all her boyfriends photos.
I opened up and told her how much I liked her and was hoping she liked me and was interested in progressing things.
She said she was concerned about our age Gap, and thought relationships could be problematic, but said she found me very attractive, but we needed to hang out more
She suggested going to a movie and we planned for Saturday night, and Saturday night comes around and she doesn't respond at all, and didn't provide me her address.
I went home and she hasn't said anything since. What happened? She suggested this?


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  • Maybe something came up and she forgot about it, besides this stuff happens all the time so don’t worry about it to much


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