Girls, when you are single how many guys do you consider before picking one?

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What Girls Said 1

  • I won't go on first coffee dates with more than 4 people at a time. I mean, seriously, you only have so many days in a week, and you have to kind of keep the first/second/ dates (the amount of time I let myself know if I am a) interested b) feeling something romantically c) he has not ruined it with red flags) within 1-2 weeks to compare adaquately. so, I never keep more than 4 people in 2 weeks because someone will be boring after the first date, leaving 2 or 3 people for having a second date and then like only 1-2 if anyone get third dates. and if you make it past the third date it means I've probably enjoyed spending time with a person and I genuinely want to get to know them without the hassle of endless nonexclusive "dating" that lends itself to "fwb"and treating each other as nonpriorities. After about 3 dates I know if someone is worth arranging my schedule.


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