What does it mean when a girl that I know in my school asks for my number first?

So I have just graduated from high school and in this past year, I have been crushing on this girl who is in grade 10 in my school. From the very beginning of the year, my goal has been to get her phone number but I was never brave enough to ask her. But on the last day of school when I was talking to her and some other friends. She asked for my number without giving me hers. I of course gave her my number and later I messaged her on ig about her number. She did ended up giving me. But my question is why did she want my number? Let me know thanks!!


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  • Either she likes you or she just wants to keep in contact with you

    • She knows I like her tho. Does that mean anything?

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    • alright so do you think i should make a move first? she hasn't texted or called me because the day when she asked for my number, i left my country in the evening. she is currently out of country too. i ahve bought some souvenier for her and i am thniking of giving it to her when she comes back. should i also tell her my feelings?

    • I think tell her when you both get back to your country. maybe when you give her the souveniers?

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