Which body type do you LEAST prefer on a guy/girl?

Assuming hygiene is good for all and none are dangerously unhealthy, just slight variations off of a normally built person (resembling a more fit dad / mom bod)

I. E. Skinny does not mean anorexic, fat doesn't mean obese, dad / mom bod has slight "love handles" and maybe a small beer belly
  • Skinny
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  • Fat
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  • Dad-bod / Mom-bod
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Fat (30% body fat men, 40% women) - has belly that hangs over, not drastically but there is a crease
skinny (10% body fat both - obv without muscle) - visible bones, thin wrists
dad / mom bod (20% body fat men, 30% women)

again, none are life threatening, need-to-change-your-lifestyle-now problems


Most Helpful Girl

  • Fat.

    As in like actually fat. Chub is fine. Skinny is fine. Obese/borderline isn't.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't know what some Girls have against skinny guys. Those are the ones you want after age 40.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Oops accidently voted dad bod...
    I meant fat


What Guys Said 1

  • Anything above chubby is a dealbreaker.

    • the bodyfat scala is a bit generalized, it depends on the person how well he handles the fat on the body. there's people out there with 30% bodyfat that look completly average/Chubby at most.

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    • ugh, crossfit people dont know anything of value šŸ˜‚

    • just the main image, don't read the article

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