Would you date a guy with an eating disorder?

I asked a question yesterday: "Would you date a guy with ____, ____, ____. Most women voted no, but I couldn't tell which factor caused them to vote no, so I'm asking a set of questions to see which poll result most closely matches the poll result for yesterday's question.

Let me know if you voted in the poll and if you read the details of this question or not, seeing as the details and an explanation of what I'm doing could influence the results.

If you have read the details at least tell me you have read the details. Since I have no way of knowing how many people saw the details in yesterday's question, I will check and see how the disparity between answers and poll votes on yesterdays' question compares to the disparity of detail readers and poll voters on today's question.

So let me know if you have read the details. I appreciate it!
  • I would not date a guy with an eating disorder, even if we hit it off
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  • I would date a guy with an eating disorder if we hit it off
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  • I'd prefer a guy I date have an eating disorder (and why?)
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  • I would not date a guy who didn't have an eating disorder (what?)
    Vote D
  • I like cats/see results
    Vote E
  • I like dogs/see results
    Vote F
  • I like bunnies/see results
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  • If we hit it off, sure. And plus, it’s not their fault they have an eating disorder, they couldn’t control it. Trust me, they would end it if they could. People don’t just choose to have eating disorders, it’s caused by the image we set of what the perfect size is to be. But in reality, there is no “perfect size or weight”. We are all human, and factors like that we cannot control.

  • Probably not, since I have a lot of problems with eating. I haven't been diagnosed with an eating disorder, and I doubt I actually have one, but I do need help with eating. I need someone to always be there to remind me to eat and see that I am actually eating because I do not have any motivation/interest in eating. And if that person himself has an eating disorder, I doubt they could help me and I would probably be worse for them because if they over eat, I wouldn't mind, and if they under eat, it'd make it worse for me and them since we both do that.


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