Am I a bad human being?

When I like someone I normally just avoid them or act weird around them. There was this guy that use to stare at me and I made eye contact with him too. But it was just a staring contest and I was nervous so i didn’t smile or say anything. So he walked away upset I think. Anyways we go to the same church and him and his dad went to NY for 2 weeks and I can’t stop thinking about him and he was even in my dream last night and I was so happy. I just can’t express my feelings to him in person.😩 this been happening from October of last year and I just want it to be over. My parents are having a car wash to help the church and his mother said we could host the last one at her house. That’s because we can’t do it behind the church anymore because of no water connection. She know what is going on between us too. How long does guys have a crush on a girl for?
I guess I just miss him because he is gone


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  • A crush can last until the crusher expires.


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  • There are no bad human beings. Or good ones. Everyone has a good side and a bad side.
    ~ Mrs Manson


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