Do I need to worry if he was texting me every day and then one day he does not reply to my 7 pm text?

We have been dating for like 3 months and we're not seeing anyone else. We had a good time this weekend and he texted me after he got home to tell me. I feel asleep before he sent me a simple 'yes <3' around 11.30 pm. I was sick in the morning and crazy busy at work, so I texted around 7 pm when I finished. He was online until late but did not reply. Lately, he has been asking me to spend more time together during the week and is constantly hinting at the fact I do not seem to miss him, some girls are hitting on him but he is not interested, etc. He normally texts me every day, and yesterday I felt like something was wrong. Could he have been pissed at me cause I took so long to text? This morning I pretended nothing has happened (but i wanna talk in person) and sent a good morning text, he replied the same with three hearts. I do not get it.


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  • How long have you been dating?

    • around 3 months

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    • Was it wrong to ask what is going on the way I did? And should I text him goodnight today? He has not been texting me since yesterday and I do not want to allow him space without making him think I am pissed or not there for him.

    • I don't think it's bad to ask but I would let him reach out to you

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