Should I try online dating?

I live in a small town.. and I feel like I've dated all the interesting people in my age group in this town. Even my sister, who is older than me, settled after realizing there were barely any eligible guys left in the area. I want to move away, so I thought maybe if I found a connection with a guy outside this area, it'd bring new opportunities. I just feel like I've exhausted this town,


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  • ok, since I'm writing a book on the subject I'll give you unbiased answer which basically describes what women go through

    So I can tell you're pretty attractive from what I can see

    And I'd take it you at least put a few paragraphs about yourself and not just one or two lines correct?

    Well factoring in those things it would basically turn out like this

    say in one day on a free site like plenty of fish

    you'd get about 100 messages in one day depending on where you are and how many other guys live in your area and on the same website. (The study I conducted had a girl from Sydney but she got messages from guys even up to 500ks away)

    So you'll probably get guys from all over messaging you and I guess it could end up to at least 100 messages in the first day (being a new member) and declining to maybe 10 a day when you don't go on the site at all & maybe another 20+ when you're online.

    Plus you'd get constant IMs (sometimes even from the same guy multiple times trying to say something if you don't reply)

    Now out of those 100 I'd say a good 90% would just say hi, hey sxc, hows it going? or some other crappy line and leave it at that.

    then we'd have maybe 5-7% saying something longer but being really contrived

    i.e "I really like your profile and thought I'd message you, my name is so and so..."

    then probably less than 5% maybe 1 in 20 who actually read your profile and responded accordingly

    i.e "wow you like Jane Austen too?"

    So that shows a lot of guys either want casual or don't really care about you enough to read your profile and go beyond the looks.

    so you'd be wading through a lot of wankers to get to the good guys. But if your vain, and go for looks moreso, it'll be a cinch to find a guy, not that it would last, which is what you're looking for I'm sure.

    That's basically what most attractive girls have to go through, less attractive go through the same but to a lesser extent.

    So if that doesn't put you off, go right ahead

    But one thing to remember is don't go thinking you'll find a guy who's really attractive and has the personality you want. If you want a guy who has the personality be willing to accept the few flaws he may have. You might be lucky enough to find Mr right, but that would be a real tough task.

    Sorry If I was too blunt and made it sound so bad, it really isn't, and It's a great confidence booster have so many guys into you I'm sure. So give it a try for a while and get back. Lets see if you get lucky considering what you'd usually get.

    Now as for websites, here's the 4 best

    Those are all free and I'd suggest not paying for a dating site just yet

    Hope that helps



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  • Have you tried staying single for a while, like more than 2-3 months? I believe being single is important because you can allow yourself to grow, and be more confident with who you are. I know I find girls who are confident in who they are and what they want much more attractive.

  • well if your scene then there's always me :o

  • Might as well. Online dating is easy for girls.

  • Lots of people date online, go for it. The free sites are sort of a joke though, lots of people just making profiles so they can get friend requests and feels special.


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  • I've met some amazing people online, people that I had long distance relationships with. Unfortunately none of them worked out because of the distance, but I can tell you that I did NOT meet any of them from online dating services.

    I participate in a lot of online forums for plain socializing, a gaming hardware forum. In that sort of a setting it's a lot easier to trust people because no one's looking to be set up, no one's trying to get a date, it's very natural. From a person who comes from that sort of setting where peoples' real personalities come out, online dating services scare the hell out of me. Everyone seems very fake to me, and I think it's a lot more dangerous.

    That said, I don't want to *completely* discourage you. You could very well meet a great guy on one of them - as I said, I've met wonderful guys online. However, what you could try to do is perhaps go on a double date. That way you get to take out the guy and you and your friend can both assess him. If you're desperately looking for a guy, your opinion might be biased and you might not notice red flags - take along a friend and her date and see if she can pick up on anything that you can't.

  • yah. you should do it. defenitly. some of my friends have met guys online, it's kindof a norm now. However, be careful and like the other person said, stay safe. . . there are some real pervs out there and you need to take precautions to also protect yourself. But with that said, you could also meet someone really cool. Just make sure that you meet in person BEFORE you decide too move or whatever, cause some people are really different in person.

  • Couldn't hurt. Just be safe and meet in public.