Is being shorter than most men a disadvantage when attracting girls?

Is being shorter than most men kind of a turn off situation when it comes to attracting girls. I mean girls say my face is cute. And I’m average builded body. What do you think?


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  • Women in general prefer someone taller. In my case I'm 5' 7". I wouldn't opt for a guy shorter than me, I would feel awkward. But that's my opinion. I ve seen girls in a relationship with guys shorter than them

    • I’m from sri lanka and I’m 5’3”

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    • Average girls are my height and above. I don't know why but the women i find attractive are always tall😂😂😂

    • Patience 😊 I'm sure that the right person for you will come along 😊

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  • Sometimes, yeah, but it just depends on the girl. A lot of girls do want a guy who is taller, but some of them don't care about height.


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  • Out of all the collective feedback I have heard from women, unfortunately in your case the one thing most women prefer is a taller man. So while you still have opportunities they may be less than someone who is taller than you are.


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