What is a healthy percentage of men to stop trying to date to make sure every girl can have their dream man?

Most guys aren't worth it, it's fact, ask any girl you meet. They are looking for that perfect prince charming. Chances are, a guy who is someones prince charming is that for multiple women and dating trends show that women are more likely to share a high status partner than settle on a lower status one.

I think the 80/20 model holds up like most of the animal kingdom. where 20% of males are wanted by ~100% of women and the other 80% can fuck off. Guys are supposed to be happy with themselves, so if they are in the 80% they shouldn't complain or get upset. What do you guys think?


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  • If a large numbers of animals doing something means the same is true for humans, I think I should spawn thousands of babies, release them into the wild, and only have the strongest handful survive to produce the next generation.

    • It's the same reasoning girls give for preferring bigger men, because they feel more protected. We are primal creatures, and yea, maybe having too many weak children grow up is an issue. Most guys are pussies, losers, or players, i think we can do with quality, not quantity.

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    • So, make up random nonsense facts, then fantasize a way to blend them into a single would-be coherent story? Gotcha.

    • They aren't nonsense facts... and I don't understand how the current systems helps anyone

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  • The percentage is probably right, I guess still be a lot of sharing going on since all those guys are taken but the rest of us still need sex anyway and what about all the ugly girls that those guys would even go for either

    • I mean, guys shouldn't need sex, it's a privilege not a right. And im sure exceptions will happen but i would refrain from spreading your inferior genes. Even ugly women have standards.

    • You know almost every guy has a high sex drive to spread their seed so it’s an instinct not thought of as a privilege

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  • Whining doesn't fix anything. It just pisses people off.

    • im just curious what people think

    • There really is no issue, nature is working as intended.

  • I think you're wrong

    • what percentages sound right?

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