Guy asked me out on 3 dates in one week then said he doesn't want to move too quickly?

this guy asked me out on 3 dates in literally 1 1/2 weeks. He told me he really likes me becausebi make him comfortable and he likes my personality. On our 3rd date he still didn't kiss me so I gave him a kiss on the cheek to show him I'm interested. After that we text like normal everyday. I ask him on a 4th date but he says he's busy. That made me feel really worried that I'm being breadcrumbed. So I told him I'm not sure if he's interested or not. I told him i want to be more than friends and date later. He said he likes me but he has his guard up and doesn't want to rush into anything too fast. What should I say? I find that weird because he's the one that rapidly asked me on dates but at the same time I understand.
  • Move on- he's breadcrumbed you
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  • I would ask him what he wants to do nexf. Balls in his court.
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  • Depends how much you like him.


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