What makes people hop from people to people/not taking a break m2no downtime after dating/relationships?


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  • I call them relationship recyclers. As soon as one realtionship hits a problem they exchange one partner for another with no thoughts or feelings for the one they dumped. They are like the serial killers of the dating/realtionship world. It is a character flaw that stems from having self-entitlement issues.

    • Why don’t they stay and work hard and try to fix the problem in the relationship

    • I think a lot of people simply don't know how or are too lazy to make the effort. For them it is easier to dump a partner and start again.

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  • Afraid to be single, quickly fell in love with someone else, many many different reasons

    • I know someone who breaks up with girls and is in a new relationship a week or two later or he dates a girl and drops her for a relationship with another girl

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    • Why are they like that

    • selfish, greedy, afraid of commitment

  • They like having sex and don't like not having sex.


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