Is it possible for me to change a guy's opinion about me after rejection?

We were friends with benefits as he knew I was crushing on him, but he recently told me that after talking to me, he couldn't see me as anything, not even friends.

I don't care if he doesn't like me back, but I'm hurt he didn't see me as a friend. I think I drove him off with my emotional impulsive tendencies and being overbearing, which is definitely something I have to work on -- baggage I brought from my ex and I's relationship that I haven't completely healed from.

I told him I was going to move on because I wanted to keep in touch and talking to him while having feelings wasn't ideal for me since it made me emotional and thanked him for the closure. He's stopped talking since then, ignoring all of my emotional impulsive morning snaps (we talk on Snapchat) while simultaneously opening them at the same time. He deleted me, but then readded me on Snapchat as well (and I added back). In my stupidity, I asked if that meant he wasn't interested in hooking up anymore and he said "too awkward".

It's been an emotional week of impulsive messages coming from me while he's silent through it all. I've finally calmed down and I'm beginning to see how stupid and desperate I came off as we didn't even date.

At this point, I think I do want to keep in touch with him afterward but I'm wondering if he'll be willing to. If he doesn't see me as a friend, is it possible to get back into his good graces so that we can keep a friendship? What should I do to get there?


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  • Call him or message him and sure he will like that.

  • U can try just gotta hope he ain't given up completely

    • How do I know if he has?

      In your opinion, how could a girl change your mind? Would it be how happier she is, a change in her personality, etc?

      What do you think would make you look at a girl and think you can't even be friends with her? D:

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    • I sent him snaps but he hasn't responded. :(

    • Too early

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  • Only time will tell, best thing to do is leave him alone


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