Does size really matter to girls?

Dick size, muscle size and size of wallet and house. Does bigger really mean better to most women? From what I've seen it sure feels that way. If a guy is built like Thor (Chris Hemsworth) looks like captain America (Chris Evans) and has a wallet packed with lots green and plastic, all girls will flock to him no matter what that's just from what I've seen at work and just out and about seems weird how everyone want to be with the next movie star or whatever.


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  • Size matters only when a guy’s ego gets so big he gets obnoxious and self-centered. Otherwise no.


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  • u need a list i think
    there you go

    1 sex appeal most important
    2 older then she is
    3 good job, education
    4 good parenting
    5 sexy attractive
    6 desire for home and children
    7 being a loving partner and loyal

    if u got at least 3 from those 7 u are good to go , the more u got the better it is


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  • Because looks matter to women


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