Why are girls so confusing?

So I’m at a new school and I say a joke and this girl takes it really seriously. I understand and I have said sorry but not privately. It’s been 3 weeks since I said it though. She sometimes pushes me away by not listening or involving me in group conversation but I talk to other people but today at Physical Education it got really confusing. I’m just walking around and she walks right next to me, elbows me and says “sorry, didint see you there” so I got really confused but I just brushed it off. This is something extra but after that we say in a group and for some reason she described her dream boyfriend and I fit all those expectations. That’s all, thanks.


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  • She's interested, I feel because you showed you're considerate by saying you're sorry, you'd be surprised how many people wouldn't be sorry, or did feel sorry and didn't have the humility to say it, it shows you're down to earth as well, Confidence is realistic and mature, and even if its one interaction, she probably appreciated that, also don't take cheesy gestures like "oh I didn't see you there." seriously, its a way to make banter or they just spaced out, I suggest, asking about her, and saying things other than sorry, girls love light heartedness, heck guys do to, a lot of people feel overwhelmed by what they have going on and someone they have a relationship with can take their mind off things, just by being around them.

    • I said sorry by laughing because I meant it but I didint want to be all serious in front of others. I want to say it genuinely but I haven’t had a chance yet

    • Take charge and ask for her phone number and text her, or pull some romantic shit and tell her "I wanted to apologize in private but sometimes the room just feels like it's you and me." lol

    • Lmao. I don’t have the balls to ask for numbers so I might just make another Instagram acc

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  • she either does not like you or she's trying to attract your attention by doing this extra bs


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  • Read how to be a 3%man. It explains a lot

  • most girls are like that, confusing creatures


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