Issues with a girl who isn’t my girlfriend?

Let me set the scene for you:

I had a girlfriend (online) back about a year ago who initially broke things off after some life changes that left our communication quite strained - she came back some months later asking for forgiveness for leaving etc. which I understood and never held it against her.

But when she came back, I had changed a bit.
Got into some things I shouldn’t have, had quite a bit of sex, and still was a partier. Which I had informed her of, giving her the exclusive right to walk right back out. We made things work, however, we still aren’t together.

During the time she came back I had my slips with a rather friends with benefits, if you will. She’s always get highly upset with me. Everyone told me that I shouldn’t worry about it, I wasn’t with her and she shouldn’t of reacted as such but I always felt guilty and eventually pulled back to me and him just being friends again until she had me cut him off.

Here’s where I’d like advice:
His mother recently contacted me, asked me to watch their house while they’re out for the week at some thing a few states over. I agreed.

There’s only two bedrooms in the house and the mother didn’t want me to sleep in hers so my ex-friend offered his room up and that’s where things got... interesting.

I told her (the one who still isn’t my girlfriend just yet) that I’d be staying at their house in his room, but he isn’t going to be here and I won’t see him.

She absolutely chewed my head off. Why?
I want to understand where she’s coming from for once. It’s just a bed and I can’t see past that.

I have EDD (Emotional Detachment Disorder), which leaves me rather passive to almost every situation as I don’t feel as I should.


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