Is he leading me on? How to call him out on it?

We matched on Tinder a month ago. We live in different cities but not that big of a distance, an hour drive. We texted for few days and then we switched to phone calls (his initiative). So then we continued talking daily on the phone for a week and we expressed romantic interest in each other. He said he wanted to come to see me but that week was very busy for him since he was babysitting his aunt's dogs. Then few days later there was this festival in his city and we both happened to go there. He asked to meet up and we did and it was great. He introduced me to his friends and was very touchy with me the whole time. I ended up staying the night at his place and we made out. Then I went back home the next morning. He continued calling me every day, and we always talk for hours. But a week passed by and he still wasn't asking to see me again. I got a little confused and asked him if he wants to hang out again. He said he wants to but that he has an exam in a week and that he really needs to focus on studying right now. He also added jokingly how it's cute that I'm so impatient. That kind of put me off, and the fact that he didn't say we'll see each other after the exam. I guess I'm just annoyed that there are no any set plans, everything is a status quo. I feel like if he really wanted to see me he would find time and make it happen, at least for a little while. Or he would at least set an exact day when. But then again he keeps calling me and texting me all the time. But I have no idea when or if we're gonna see each other again. Is he leading me on? How should I bring this topic with him without putting too much pressure?


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