Why do girls do this?

Okay so my best friend has been going on and on to me about how she thinks her boyfriend has something special planned for her because of a status he made on Facebook of him saying “Had something special planned but the Devil always gets in the way.” Now last time around the 4th of July he made a status of just this “🤫” emoji with a picture of a girl and a guy standing with each other looking at fireworks and she assumed he was gonna propose, he never did. Not to mention she’s only 18 and he’s 23, both pretty young and it’ll only be a year they have been together in October. I just don’t want her getting her hopes up again. He could be talking about anything, not everything is about her And she got upset with me when I told her.


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  • she shouldn't be getting married at 18, let alone dating a 23 year old. That is an unacceptable relationship


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