An I wasting my time?

I've been with this dude on and off for 2months and we kept not being with each other bc he didn't want me with anyone else yet we were just casual... eventually i told him no labels is ok once we're exclusive and he agreed. But now its like he won't go with me places bc they may seem like a date eg the cinema but like friends do that too so I don't know im confused help


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  • I don't get girls. They need to understand that straight guys have two options.
    1: Treat a woman like he should. No drama, bullshit or cheating.
    2: Or live alone without a chick.

    When you realize this, maybe you could start to understand that you don't have to bend backwards to maybe possibly have something with someone. This goes the other way too. If the person wants you, make them show it, if not, tell them to fuck of.

  • Maybe you should get another guy it seems this guy s holding you hostage either call the police.


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