Would you let a co-worker write a note to a waitress for you? How would you respond if you worked at a restaurant and someone gave you this note?

My first job out of college, we would eat lunch a couple times a week at a local BBQ place. There was a cute waitress we would banter with. One day after we finished lunch my office manager wrote a note, as if it was from me, basically saying "Hi, I'm very shy but you seem nice and I wondered if I could get your number?", and left it for her.

After that, when I'd go in it was like she would intentionally avoid me, and would make sure I was at someone else's station. Another co-worker told me he knew her in HS and she was very conservative.


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  • Maybe she's avoiding the office manager, not you?

    • No, because when I went by myself I got the same reaction.

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