Does my boyfriend’s mom like me?

So, my boyfriend’s parents never knew we were dating simply bc they don’t talk about that kind of stuff and give him space.

This past weekend, he came up with my friends to visit me at my college. He spent the night with me. His parents thought he was with someone else, and so when they found out, they were upset. Well, his dad didn’t care, but his mom was mad that he was manipulative. He got grounded for a month, but still has his phone.

Anyway, then his sister followed me on Instagram. The next day, his mom followed me and liked the 1 post I had of my boyfriend. He said that when he went to her house that she said I was beautiful. ☺️ He said she wasn’t upset that we were dating or anything.

So, do you think that she likes me? Or that she will?
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  • No, most women hate each other...


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