How do you know when someone wants you to talk to/approach, hang out or have sex etc?

Are there any signs or anything along those lines?

I personally just can't see or understand when or if people want me to talk to them, approach them or maybe hang out. I'm just unsure on the whole thing in general.

I keep telling myself to go out and make friends, or meet new people.. but even if I do, I never get the "feeling" that those people actually want to interact with me again... & to be honest I just don't meet people often.

Like an example, you go to uni, or the beach, or get lunch and just end up talking to someone/a group of people, what signs or anything are there for me to know if they want to see me again?
Or maybe if they're alone, what signs are there that they want someone to approach/talk to?

Probably sounds like a dumb question but I literally don't know.

I've always sucked at making friends, but generally i'm okay with actually interacting with those people (as long as it's in groups, like friends having other friends over, friends from uni, etc).
But i've never just gone up to meet people, it feels weird to me & i'd much prefer to wait for a situation where it just happens that we talk (group work at school, just overhearing conversation with other friends, friends', etc etc)

Okay so in general I just want to try and make new friends/meet new people, but it usually never happens unless they're already friends with someone i'm friends with and we meet that way. I physically have never just met someone randomly & became friends with them.

Thoughts appreciated.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I don't even know anymore, before i used to think if there is eye contact with the person there must be something but right now am not so sure about that.


What Guys Said 1

  • Wouldn't know, a girl at a concert/bar kept looking over at me, moved closer to me, looked some more, followed me closer to the stage, looked some more, and I did nothing. Friends say she was interested so I guess if you see stuff like that, don't be me, act on it


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